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Gigaom: Twilio lets iOS app makers add VoIP as a feature

[[posterous-content:tceixbEhHtimJfrsmriD]]Twilio, the cloud communications platform, is arming app makers with the ability to add Voice over IP (VoIP) features to their iOS apps. With a new Twilio Client for iOS, the company is making it easy for any app with connectivity to incorporate Skype-like functionality.

This should help give rise to even more VoIP apps that can offer free or cheap Wi-Fi calling and even replace traditional phones. But it can also can help transform existing apps that want to add voice interactivity.

Hooray for local heroes Twilio. I went to a talk Jeff Lawson gave a couple of years ago, and I was really impressed with him, Twilio, and especially with their technical processes. A/B testing, smart switching between builds (with great tests!) and production, as well as redundancy between Amazon AWS and their other cloud service provider.

ALSO, I had a desktop shortcut that would cause my phone to ring with the TTS message “undifferentiated mucous” (a quote taken from Andy Richter Controls the Universe, for you really weird trivia buffs). I shared it with some people that would use it to get out of conversations — “I have to take this call!”

Later, the bookmark was pulled in to an automated process that would ping URLS on a regular schedule, and one of the devs would get a phone call whenever the script ran.  Hilarity ensued.

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